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    Considering this is a ban from the forums, I'll do my best to follow the format.

    Minecraft username
    : llecrozar
    Reason for ban
    : Unapproved links
    Staff member who banned you
    : Deci
    Do you have proof against what you are accused of: Nope. It would look suspicious if you took a few minutes to look through it.
    Reason you should be unbanned: I appreciate the dedication to the rules, perma banning instantly upon looking at a weird link. I assume it would be the one I left on iAnimeG's profile so I'll explain that one first. Afterwards being all the other links I sent to clear other bits of suspicion against me. But first I'd like to say few things. One of those things being that the rule that resulted my ban was posted 14 minutes before said ban and I didn't even have the chance to know it existed yet. With nothing in announcements or anything new in the rules for quite a while and the mass amount of posts and threads that was being created every day, it was quite easy to overlook as well.

    Now for the link, won't repeat it's name at all for obvious reasons but the link was to a website to a sort of game hack forums (not really a good start for me eh?). In that part of the forum, there is a trading section, one for buying minecraft account for a pretty damn cheap price. That is where the link lead to. There was a lot that my good friend iAnimeG didn't know about the server and it's people for simply not owning an account anymore. So I went to a place that's helped me in the past with the intention of helping him. I double-checked this link AFTER posting to make sure things still worked liked it used. After about a 15 minute search, things have changed quite a bit so I was just about to go back to remove the link and there I find myself banned. Considering it's just a forum on a minecraft server, I wasn't too angry, just lightly salted.

    For the other links I posted. They we're YouTube links, an internet archive link, and a few links to YouTube and internet archives are pretty self explanatory. The links are to a custom image hosting service I use for it's vanity. Check the site yourself, it's totally safe, I guarantee.

    But I'm not gonna say I wasn't at wrong here. The site didn't look too safe to begin with and turned out not to be as safe as I remembered it to be and I'm sorry for putting iAnimeG and maybe anybody else who would've clicked the link in possible danger. My forums account meant quite a lot to me. It's posts, it's likes, all the things in my about page, everything. And I wouldn't do something fully-knowing it would net a perm ban -.-. My intentions from that link we're only pure. To help my dear friend acquire a new minecraft account so he can finally play the server and stop getting his info from someone else who actually plays. And maybe others if they so asked about it. I mean't no harm in my actions about 30 minutes ago and once again am sorry for posting said link here. If my account does get unbanned now or later, I can assure you won't catch me posting dumb links that ever again, or anything remotely worse.
    Anything else you want to add?(You should really add this to the format btw): If/when my main account is unbanned, I request that this account is deleted instead of banned or left to be idle as I prefer to not use my 4th email address at this place for any reason. Trust me on this, you wouldn't want to see it either.

    Thank you for reading and have a good day.
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    I'd give you benefit of the doubt for the rules if you weren't already a member of the forums beforehand and knew the general rules for that. Regardless of the link being posted itself, the content of the link is, once again, not allowed as buying/selling and endorsing buying/selling Minecraft accounts is a no-go, my man. I'll unban you, but I hope this serves as a lesson to you and the other players.
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